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The Truth About Power Coaching

The Truth About Power Coaching
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Who I Am and What I Salvage

I’m the Coaching Director for Men’s Fitness and Muscle&Fitness magazines. I write about and edit workouts, diets, stutter trends, and the regimens of celebrities and athletes. I’m the author of The Men’s Fitness Shriek Bible (aka 101 Most efficient Workout routines Of All Time), an Amazon.com top-vendor, and the guide The Truth About Power Coaching.

After years of working with fitness experts and sifting through the mammoth quantity of practising applications, diets, and dietary supplements that enjoy approach upon my desk—and being a guinea pig for added than about a of them—I’ve design to a couple conclusions. Here, I’ll half with you what essentially works.

It’s long been my job, then again it’s continuously been my passion. Here is fitness distilled.

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