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Monday July 31, 2023

Clearwater, FL — When the difficulty calls for, we like to take into consideration we now own what it takes.

We like to take into consideration we can address ourselves when confronted with an attacker. It is no longer a relate someone desires to possess, however we like to possess we would protect ourselves when a thug thrusts a knife in your face or pushes a gun into your chest.

The horrid reality is most of us don’t. In this highly pressurized relate, most of us collapse.

As a consequence of opposite to neatly-liked perception, when things dash south we fabricate no longer upward push to the difficulty. We topple serve to our easiest stage of preparation… and for most that suggests NONE.

When you occur to is also no longer ready, you originate errors.

Serious errors.

Errors that don’t moral dash away you hurt… errors that could well dash away you lying face down in a pool of your have blood.

I’m obvious you’ve heard your whole fright tactics earlier than.

I fabricate no longer mean to sound like a hyped-up news fragment… however the reality is police file after police file aspects to the same thing:

Fashioned of us accept it inappropriate when dealing with violent offenders.

They lose it. They provide in. They let their attacker protect an eye on the difficulty.

They moral fabricate no longer know how to address violence when it is taking half in out in entrance of them.

In a second I’ll fragment with you the THREE most unprecedented errors every sufferer makes that you want protect remote from, however earlier than that enable me introduce myself…

My name is Mike Westerdal, SPC (Strength Psychology Certified). I am a private trainer, national easiest promoting physical preparedness writer to boot to the founding father of the accumulate’s longest-standing strength plot, CriticalBench.com.

I am talking to you this day no longer moral as a practising expert however as a father and a husband… who would raise out one thing to protect his family.

You compare, I learned one thing a actually very prolonged time within the past about retaining yourself.

I ragged to accept pushed round after I modified into as soon as youthful. I spent years constructing up my physique and turning into stronger. I purchased mentally and bodily tricky the merciless ability. As I purchased greater, I learned to address myself. Working in security, I learned first-hand how violence genuinely plays out.

When you occur to’re a police officer or attend within the militia you be taught to read a relate better than unprecedented voters. Entertaining carrier teaches you what violence REALLY appears like.

You compare, there’s a topic with how we compare violence in this nation and it’s why most of us dash to gadgets when crude things occur…

Why our “snowflake” society has

weakened our accept to the backside of and given vitality

to the crude guys

In expose so that you can realize the root of your whole considerations with violence in this nation, fabricate no longer compare at guns. Produce no longer compare at knives. It’s nothing to raise out with any weapon.

As an replacement, you are going to compare the wretchedness cowering like a anxious dinky animal within the serve of the sofa.

We’ve change accurate into a society of mentally ancient wimps. Widespread life no longer requires us to own the psychological strength we own to hunt for meals or battle for survival.

Support after I modified into as soon as a child, we lived in a more physical generation to construct it mildly.

Determined considerations didn’t accept solved by calling a attorney. Fists had been the acknowledge when things purchased tough… and afterwards every events would shake hands like gentlemen.

Support then, violence didn’t frighten of us as necessary. As violence has change into much less allotment of our on a fashioned basis lives, when we provide out compare it, it’s SHOCKING.

Within the interim, we can’t compare violence with out running away screaming.

I’m no longer announcing we could also unbiased restful return to settling every dispute with our fists. I’m telling you this to swear why most of us are left anxious when violence plays out.

Nonetheless worst of all it leaves us weak…

The finest thing I desire is so that you can genuinely feel comparable to you’re residing in a

world dominated by disaster…

That’s why you have to additionally unbiased restful be ready

against other folks that DO desire you to

are residing in disaster

Your greatest weapons against disaster are files and preparation. And that’s why it would pay to own the enviornment’s necessary expert in making ready you for one thing in your facet.

Meet Mike Gillette, world renowned tactical trainer and disaster administration expert who has trained more elite agents and other folks within the art work of handling “advanced” eventualities than someone else.

Mike is the embodiment of toughness. Mike Gillette modified into as soon as one of the major smallest and weakest younger of us in his class who grew up in a household overwhelmed by home violence and substance abuse.

But, he overcame all this to vary accurate into a REAL LIFE action hero.

Mike’s Curriculum Vitae or Resume Involves:

  • In-ask tactical trainer for elite authorities companies – FBI, DEA, DHS and TSA.

  • An military paratrooper

  • A SWAT commander

  • A member of the Martial Arts Masters Corridor of Reputation

  • A counter-terrorism advisor to the Department of Characteristic of starting up build Safety

  • He has over 25 different deliver-of-pressure and weapons techniques teacher designations to his name.

  • A bodyguard to Fortune 500 executives and movie stars, like Sylvester Stallone

It’s no be aware of an exaggeration to claim that in relation to “handling the difficulty”, Mike is untouchable.

And now I’m going to claim one thing that can SHOCK you.

That every Mike’s tough-won trip, skills and time within the self-discipline can’t match what I own in mind to be Mike’s finest asset.

By some distance Mike’s greatest – and main –

gift is his ability to educate.

Set simply, there’s no-one else on the planet who has the flexibility to take somebody – ANYONE – and present them the manner to vary into mentally robust and bodily succesful in narrative time.

That’s why there’s no-one else on the planet price paying consideration to on this enviornment different than Mike Gillette.

Earlier than I introduce you to Mike, I own to accept one thing out of the ability and right here’s genuinely major…

Why your whole recommendation on handling an

attacker you’ve ever been given is


Want to take cling of what’s worse than walking round anxious of EVERYTHING round you?

Positive, you’ve purchased it: walking round with the FALSE BELIEF you would be entirely stable.

When you occur to is also reading this and possess what to raise out whereas you had been attacked, possess this…

Where did you accept your recommendation from? A YouTube video or article on the accumulate from a no-name “expert”? Or from tactical trainer and extinct bodyguard, Mike Gillette.

Who raise out you TRUST more alongside with your life?

I am no longer announcing all recommendation obtainable is crude. I am announcing it would pay to take cling of WHO is giving the recommendation. Advice is easy to give, but if it is inappropriate… the stakes are better for you.

I am sick of reading B.S. files from anonymous keyboard warriors who know NOTHING. Who’ve NEVER experienced the shock of getting somebody push a gun into their chest. Who own NEVER felt the dread of a knife waved in anger at their face. Who fabricate no longer own the scars of taking on a few attackers… and SURVIVING.

Mike Gillette has.

He’ll uncover you it is nothing just like the movies. It is dirty. It is painful. It is over in seconds. And no topic the consequence… it’s going to be the worst day of your life.

Whether you protect your icy and are residing to battle one more day… or quit up face down in a gutter is relying on YOU.

The wretchedness is you have to additionally unbiased had been misled. The inappropriate files could well dash away you tiring. That’s why you want know…

The 3 FATAL errors made by every sufferer

who ended up tiring within the gutter

Mistake #1:

Believing every thing the crude guy tells you

Irrespective of you raise out, fabricate no longer hear to the crude guy. Believing what the crude guy is telling you is crude for your neatly being.

“Produce what I dispute and you have to no longer accept hurt…”

You specialize in that? It is one of the major greatest errors you have to originate… Produce no longer take into consideration a be aware coming out of a crude guy’s mouth.

Let me uncover you, NOBODY is smoother than a occupation prison. He knows the manner to manipulate you. He does it with out thinking.

Obviously he would. He practices your whole time.

That you simply have to additionally’t take his words at face cost. It is major to take action. Which leads us to the next vast mistake…

Mistake #2:

Leaving the major scene of the crime

Having labored in laws enforcement, Mike will uncover you there could be an major pattern with attack crimes you want know.

There is on the total a crime scene “A” AND a crime scene “B”.

Let me present. Where the attack starts is no longer repeatedly the build it ends. If an attacker has a opinion for you, most must take the sufferer from one plot to 1 more.

And, sadly, unbiased about every sufferer AGREES.

Here’s what you want know. If the attacker tries to pass you from one plot to 1 more, it reveals they’re NOT as a lot as dash.

He can’t protect an eye on you or the atmosphere…. that’s why you have to additionally unbiased restful NEVER dash alongside with him. When you occur to pass with him, one thing rotten will occur to you.

Mistake #3:

Denial about what’s taking half in out in entrance of you

It is loopy. Most of us face up to reality even when reality is set to KILL them.

Call it polite society, call it disaster of getting a stumble on tiring… of us will compare a relate dash south and no longer raise out a thing for so prolonged as probably.

Here’s the wretchedness. EVERYTHING in our society tries to suppress our intuition. We’ve no longer belief our gut. You realize when one thing goes inappropriate. You would be feeling it within the pit of your belly… however you proceed to strive and brush aside it.

DON’T! Studying the manner to reverse years of ignoring how we in truth feel will attend you neatly. Instinct is your physique’s warning machine that one thing’s no longer moral. If it is goes off, take NOTICE.

Too many other folks are too thinking about the implications of making a scene or mistaking the difficulty and overreacting. Definite, there’s the dread of being embarrassed however what in case your intuition is moral and you raise out nothing…?

When you occur to’re reading this and thinking “this could occasionally NEVER occur to me” mark this…

That you simply have to additionally unbiased no longer dash procuring for wretchedness, however wretchedness can with out wretchedness salvage you

Honest appropriate of us don’t dash to crude locations, crude of us dash the build glorious of us are.

All every other time, I don’t uncover you this to fright you. That’s the finest thing I desire. And I am no longer peddling cheap disaster tactics to accept you to buy one thing.

I uncover you this because it would save your life.

When you occur to is also anxious confronting this means accepting the enviornment is a crude put, fabricate no longer. Nonetheless there ARE these that raise out BAD things in this world.

And they’re no longer moral “on the several facet of town” or “in a shady neighborhood”.

It is a delusion muggers cloak out in dusky alleys. Or attackers sit down in bushes preying on females walking via the park. Factual looking forward to you.

We fabricate no longer originate these errors.

Of us which own to hurt you or your loved ones dash the build there are of us.

That could also very neatly be a ball game. A subway. A crowd. An tournament. A college. Even to the entrance door of your have home, like this violent predator in The unique york (“In every case, the suspect follows his victims into their constructions as soon as they birth the entrance door…” )1

It is PREDICTABLE for them.

That’s why it is horrid when crude things occur in your glorious neighborhood. Or locations which would be familiar to the sufferer.2

“I never expected it to occur to me,

and if it took place to me, I expected it

to occur in different locations, no longer… in

that good of an space”3

And it is why recommendation that tells you to protect remote from these crude locations is ineffective. You already KNOW to protect remote from these locations. That’s known as “unprecedented sense”.

It is WORSE than ineffective. It is DANGEROUS. As a consequence of it presents you a fallacious sense of security that you are going to never accept into wretchedness whereas you protect remote from wretchedness spots.

As soon as you mark the reality, all of it modifications. Bright how an attacker’s mind works does now not originate you moral like them. It presents you a bonus OVER them.

Now why it’s major to be taught from somebody who genuinely knows the lay of the land.

That somebody is Mike Gillette…

If Mike most efficient had time to swear you moral one pass this shall be it.

The #1 Switch To Continue to exist & Defend Yourself in Any Venture Is The Brachial Stun

It is straightforward and easy to appreciate whereas making a first-rate result and it is one thing no person is staring at for.

No one protects their neck from strikes.

Plus you are going to be hanging alongside with your forearm which is a genuinely refined space so that you can injure on yourself.

The aim is the facet of your attackers neck the build you will salvage the
bracial plexus (motor nerve) and a superficial nerve known as the
Greater Auricular Nerve.

When this space is hit it creates a worried machine stun that unbiased about shuts off your attacker’s physique for a few seconds.

It is a genuinely severe methodology. In some laws enforcement circles this pass is
categorised as a deadly pressure methodology.

Handiest deliver this kind in self defense underneath the becoming moral, ethical and moral conditions.

The stun can finest for 3 to 7 seconds and most frequently longer.

The Brachial Stun is a legit, one-strike knockout methodology.

Here’s the manner to appreciate this pass:

Step 1: Swing your forearm from the facet with a cramped downward attitude into the facet of your attacker’s decrease neck.

You would be on the total whipping a relaxed limb horizontally into the facet of your attacker’s neck.

Landing any allotment of the forearm will most definitely be effective and accept a worried machine stun.

Step 2: Reasonably than letting your forearm leap off your attacker’s neck it is most sensible to transfer more pressure by pausing on the tip of the strike to let it sink in.

Give Mike Gillette an hour and he’ll give

you your whole skills you want defend


Let me hand over to Mike G for a second to uncover you a memoir that with out wretchedness demonstrates the vitality of his learning methodology.

It comes from his time practising the cabin crew of United Airlines after 9/11 to swear them the manner to form out terrorists in mild of the heightened probability.

Over to you Mike G…

A Personal Message From Mike

Thanks. Earlier than I uncover you the memoir of a lady known as Lola, I own to make obvious that you fully mark this lesson. You compare it’s a rare misconception that vivid the manner to address violent habits by some ability ability you accept it.

Nothing could also very neatly be further from the reality. Violence in any originate is unacceptable… however hiding your head within the sand and pretending it doesn’t occur or won’t occur to you is harmful.

The transformation I’m about to sing isn’t moral a physical exchange. It is a mindset exchange. As a consequence of whenever you mark the vitality of making the psychological fortitude to address a relate you know that…

Bright this doesn’t originate you more disquieted. It frees you from disaster

And that’s precisely what took place with this memoir of a lady named Lola.

Throughout one of my counter terrorist practising workshops for United Airlines, I first met Lola. If truth be told, I remembered so vividly the second I saw her tiny, unassuming frame poke via the door into the practising room.

You compare, Lola modified into as soon as one of United’s most experienced cabin crew. She modified into as soon as 70 years ancient and an ancient-college buyer carrier reliable. Her entire occupation modified into as soon as devoted to serving others and making her potentialities genuinely feel stable and blissful. This modified into as soon as ability out of her consolation zone.

I had a few hours to be able to add a more muscular facet to her. I had to swear her the manner to establish and disable a probably terrorist probability.

A alive to supervisor took me aside moral earlier than we started and whispered underneath his breath: “Er… Mike, is these items you would be teaching stable? Is it stable for our of us to prepare in this ability?”

He said this, one witness clearly on sweet dinky Lola.

I smiled at him, vivid what modified into as soon as going to occur subsequent.

No longer as a lot as an hour later, I experienced one thing special…

Lola modified into as soon as bringing the snort.

She had pinned a 25 one year-ancient lady on the ground and desired to be stopped.

If Lola, a delicate, caring lady and grandma could well be taught to defend herself and more, in no longer as a lot as an hour, so are you able to.

What makes Lola’s memoir even more great is one thing else that she brought. You compare, there had been others in that room who had been youthful, or greater, or more bodily succesful… however I knew moral away they didn’t own the same battle as Lola.

And that’s because Lola WANTED IT. In expose so that you can be taught to bring snort of your have, you want ask yourself…

How necessary raise out you genuinely own to be THAT guy or lady who EVERYONE appears to be like to be like as a lot as?

You compare all people says they’ve to be taught to protect themselves.

Every person says they’ve to raise out what it takes to protect their family and appreciated ones.

Nonetheless when it will get down to it… you want commit.

I’m able to present you the manner to vary into that person it is most sensible to be. The fellow or lady who instinctively knows what to raise out when the going will get tricky. The one person within the room who’s icy, still and picked up when all people else is dropping it.

In expose so that you can be that person, I’m able to swear you the device in which.

Nonetheless whereas you have to’t commit – and I mean commit RIGHT NOW – you would be presumably no longer ready.

As I’ve demonstrated vivid the manner to address an attacker has two parts: a physical facet and psychological facet. Your success has the same two parts. Earlier than we address the physical facet, you want be there mentally.

Is that you? Are you that person? As a consequence of whereas you would be, let’s raise out this. I believe about in you… and I own to give you your whole skills you want.


Never earlier than has a program delivered this volume of top-stage practising

designed specifically to attend unprecedented ladies and men of ANY age or

defend themselves so that they are going to quit stable and accept home

Whether you’re a college pupil, a 35 one year ancient sofa potato who’s never lifted a fist in anger or a 70-one year ancient grandma, the minute you raise out this program you’ll own the flexibility to SERIOUSLY hurt somebody.

The REAL LIFE Self-Defense Program

In three parts, Mike Gillette is your own teacher within the art work of REAL LIFE Self-Defense. Utilizing his confirmed mercurial teaching manner, Mike moves you from zero to master in a topic of hours.

Filmed in a cutting-edge work fight practising facility, stand alongside six “unprecedented” college students being trained by Mike, every of whom paid $1,000 to be within the room for this one-of-a-kind practising.

He displays the “secret” tactics honed over a protracted time within the self-discipline on the finest stage for the major time ever.

Mike delivers the program the utilization of unprecedented of us in sensible eventualities. They’re no longer trained in martial arts or combating tactics.

They’re comparable to you and I. And he transforms every of them accurate into a harmful weapon the utilization of most efficient their physique.

Designed to be straight useable, we counsel you compare and be taught alongside with Mike and his college students. That you simply can no longer take into consideration your eyes for these that compare what his college students fabricate after most efficient an-hour learning from Mike.

Video Sequence 1: Safety & Targets

It is major to prepare now, so we fabricate no longer damage a second. All the things you want within the accurate duration of time desired to quilt it. No filler, no BS, no messing about.

Mike Gillette pulls serve the curtain on the necessary tactics these “in-the-know” deliver to address “eventualities”.

Most effective of all, you are going to be taught to look at these moves with out killing someone. And it’s so straightforward you have to be taught this this day and deliver a family member or appreciated on, day after as of late. Squawk me, you are going to change into harmful within the shortest time probably…

In this allotment, you are going to be taught:

  • Why you’re risking your security by leaving your practising to likelihood staring at on-line movies

  • Why the definition of self-defense is the essential to finest survival and damage out

  • The appropriate blueprint to deliver the “Vegas” methodology to disrupt the mindset of an assailant to flip the tables on him

  • Why you want topple the moral ability to accept to your feet but again and take the battle moral serve at them

  • The No. 1 manner pass ragged by attackers in an unarmed assault and the counter-intuitive pass to diffuse it in a second

  • Stand robust – ready your top self-defense posture to acknowledge to any attack

  • The two avenue-sparkling tactics to give you protection no topic how mountainous, worthy or ferocious the attacker (compare as the teacher absorbs blow after blow the utilization of these orderly-straightforward tactics)

  • “Hit ’em the build it hurts” – vivid how and the build to sucker punch an attacker to disable them

Video Sequence 2: Natural Weapons Of The Body

If your model of self-defense entails reaching for a gun or a baseball bat by the facet of your mattress, you have to additionally unbiased own a topic. Clutch into consideration this a be-careful call: you would be no longer ready.

Working out the manner to deliver your physique as a natural weapon presents you an in-constructed advantage over an attacker. That you simply have to never undergo from a lack of preparedness.

As Mike says: “You don’t accept to decide your assailant, they accept to decide you…”. In this allotment, you’ll stumble on the manner to achieve so mountainous a bonus in any relate it doesn’t topic how mountainous or worthy your attacker.

You fabricate no longer own to major in martial arts to be taught the art work of the strike.

In this allotment, you are going to be taught:

  • The appropriate blueprint to redirect the crude guy’s heart of attention


    from you serve onto them, the utilization of one great tactic (raise out this and they’ll seriously remorse ever messing with you)

  • The two killer moves the utilization of one “unassuming” physique allotment to


    an attacker and actually quit them of their tracks

  • Why even unprecedented punching moves in a “avenue relate” could well raise out


    more hurt and disable you… and what to raise out

    as a exchange

  • The “Onerous-Relaxed” Rule you have to

    depend on

    to take down your aggressor alongside with your naked hands

  • The 4 “Originate Hand” strikes to master you have to deploy in never-ending mixtures for



  • The “Hammer Strike” pass that’ll dash away an attacker regretting the second they determined to rumble with you (originate ‘em flip and dash with this shock tactic)

  • The appropriate blueprint to deliver your elbow the moral ability to maximise the pressure of your physique’s natural “dagger”

  • Why kicking is


    overrated and could well unbiased dash away you weak…

  • … and the killer pass to raise out as a exchange whereas it is most sensible to disable an perpetrator no topic their dash and agility?

  • Why there could be most efficient one ability to raise out a disabling knee strike – accept it inappropriate and you have to additionally attend the crude guy (Mike reveals you the RIGHT ability to raise out it)

Video Sequence 3: Controlling the Area

You own seconds to acknowledge successfully in a violent advance upon. What you raise out in these a have to own moments makes the variation.

Reacting to the difficulty comes first; vivid the manner to manipulate the enviornment resolves the difficulty.

The third component of REAL LIFE Self-Defense presents with takedowns and what to raise out whereas you would be pinned, chocked or grabbed from within the serve of.

In this allotment, you are going to be taught:

  • The appropriate blueprint to master the “Takedown Formula” to compare off your attacker with their tail between their legs

  • The 100% most efficient ability to address your ability out of any relate

  • The two styles of “leverage” you want know to break your attacker’s accept to the backside of

  • The appropriate blueprint to harness the “4 planes” of utilized pressure to topple your opponent with minimal effort…

  • … and the manner to beat him in seconds by making deliver of these parts in devastating mixtures

  • The appropriate blueprint to deliver an attacker’s strength against themselves with the “Axis methodology”

  • The appropriate blueprint to engineer the “Magic 2d” that kills the battle posthaste in your favor and permits you to accept away.

  • The two orderly-mercurial hand actions you want straight ground an attacker who tries to “tricky it out”

  • How methodology beats muscle at any time when to present the easier hand on any size aggressor (compare a tiny feminine pupil with out wretchedness take down her sparring accomplice after no longer as a lot as fifteen minutes of Mike’s practising)

For a restricted time most efficient, put money into REAL LIFE

Self-Defense and you would straight

derive these life-saving bonuses


BONUS 1: REAL LIFE Knife Defense

Few eventualities are more gruesome than an attacker coming at you with a blade.

A knife attack represents a more instantaneous and harmful relate than any different weapon. A straightforward

blade can flip any physical assault accurate into a vicious knife attack. That’s why preparation will protect you alive.

In REAL LIFE Knife Defense, Mike Gillette reveals you the manner to acknowledge to a knife attack and accept to security.

With a few straightforward moves, protect yourself and acknowledge to any relate a knife attacker throws at you.

Here’s what you are going to be taught:

  • The ‘accurate’ hazard knives pose to your security

  • Why you want know the variation between a knife ‘probability’ and a knife ‘attack’? (Working out right here’s a have to own to responding within the becoming ability… Net it inappropriate and a survivable relate could well result in obvious loss of life).

  • The “3-Step” drill to protect yourself from an attacker intent on stabbing you. (You fabricate no longer could also unbiased restful be speedy, you moral own to take cling of what to raise out).

  • The appropriate blueprint to acknowledge to a knife probability even when the attacker grabs you round your neck or comes at you from within the serve of

  • “The 5 S’s” defense sequence to address a knife attack, subdue the crude guy and damage out alongside with your life. (As soon as this you are going to confidently address ANY accurate world knife-connected relate)

  • The appropriate blueprint to defend yourself against the 4 most unprecedented knife attacks

When you occur to’re feminine or own feminine appreciated ones, this could also very neatly be basically the most good thing they accept their hands on this one year, subsequent one year and for the the leisure of their lives. No-one deserves to struggle via the apprehension of rape…

In this video series, Mike demonstrates straightforward moves which own a severe influence in your security… and your probably rapist’s neatly being.

Here’s what you are going to be taught:

  • The appropriate blueprint to strike this #1 vitality posture to declare you don’t dash to ground when going via a flurry of strikes

  • Grip em’ and rip em’ with the 3 vitality tactics to originate the assailant remorse he ever messed with you

  • “The Rule of Jaw” – the manner to deliver your most deadly natural clamp to chunk your ability out of any relate

  • The appropriate blueprint to disable, disarm and destabilize any “wanna-be” rapist by focusing on the “Expansive Seven” ancient spots

  • “Lethal digits” – the manner to straight change into your fingers accurate into a deadly residing of stabbing instruments

  • Already down on the ground? No longer a topic. Mike reveals you two straightforward moves to procure protect an eye on and build your attacker on the defensive.

What Others Are Announcing…


SWAT Team Leader Licensed

Mike is one of the major few who can stroll the talk about. His operational trip blended with his ability to transfer the files, skills and talents in his practising to someone, is second to none.

His methodology is sound and anchored in accurate world eventualities, no longer moral idea utilized in an untested atmosphere. His machine relies on key principles… which would be straightforward, effective and with out wretchedness recalled underneath stress which is what separates him from all people else.

Todd Lamb

SWAT Team Leader (ret)


Works For Any individual

Mike Gillette knows “hazard”. In his line of work, there’s no room for error and a violent attack most frequently comes as a no-warning ambush that could most efficient be survived by the utilization of brutal, no-nonsense tactics that can quit an attacker as mercurial as probably and no longer depend on strength, size, or a prolonged narrative of previous battle trip.

If your blueprint is to genuinely continue to exist a violent attack on the avenue, in a parking zone, or in your put – know that Mike’s combating machine is predicated mostly on accurate-world trip (NOT “idea”!) and could well unbiased mean the variation between going home to your loved ones… or headed to the sanatorium within the serve of an ambulance (or worse). Why would YOU resolve for one thing much less?

Jeff Anderson

Editor “Widespread Fight & Survival” Journal

Abet a Survivor Mentality

I fully take care of the REAL LIFE Self Defense program. When stress ranges are excessive, handsome motor skills diminish, tunnel imaginative and prescient occurs, and adrenaline spikes.

The self-defense actions in this program are straightforward, effective, and easy to own in mind at some stage in a adversarial advance upon. These movies will instill self perception, especially for females with out trip in self-defense tactics, whereas reinforcing a survivor mentality to actually battle via an attack.

Ladies MUST compare “rape damage out” to be taught these esteemed defense tactics. I’m able to no longer specific the rate and influence these movies can own on one’s life.

Michelle Di Capua


Venice, FL

Easy To Be taught & Very Efficient

Mike Gillette is the accurate deal! He teaches the most sensible probably most efficient and most receive ability to flee any warfare of words that you have to additionally unbiased accept into. I highly counsel this program to every single person obtainable as these skills are major for any human being of any age.

Mike Zhang

North American Muay Thai Champion

Be taught From the Most effective

Mike Gillette is a rare self-defense teacher who knows the manner to no longer most efficient attend of us attain their probably, however also the manner to enlarge their probably. He is somebody who can educate, empower and increase a person mentally and bodily. Many of us mark the abilities, Mike understands of us.

Rob Pincus

Internationally-identified firearms trainer, writer and advisor.

Featured in USA On the present time, The Washington Publish, and World News Tonight.

Deem, whereas you possess you’ve viewed this earlier than I own to uncover you…

Why REAL LIFE Self Defense is the one

greatest assertion ANYONE has made on

this topic… EVER

  • Overcome your natural disaster response to act icy, still and confident and acknowledge within the moral ability to any probability

  • Be taught to belief your intuition but again to web your physique’s natural warning indicators and act BEFORE the difficulty turns into “advanced”

  • Change into mentally robust to wrestle protect an eye on from an attacker, by getting deep inner the mind of the prison to achieve how they possess (seriously, they won’t know what’s hit them after they are going to’t depend on their unprecedented mind video games)

  • Create your physical response second nature by “downloading” these straightforward tactical moves to memory to with out wretchedness defend yourself and continue to exist

  • Many self-defense “consultants” originate their programs to swear off how expert they are. Mike does now not own to impress one thing to someone. He knows precisely what works and that is the reason what he reveals you, even whether it is now not handsome. It would no longer accept you more likes in your Instagram video… however it’ll save your life. Which raise out you desire?

  • Produce no longer damage your time with like martial arts moves you fabricate no longer own time to look at. Dash away these like pants moves to the movies. You fabricate no longer need refined moves. You moral own to take cling of what works.

  • Be taught avenue-sparkling tactics other folks that know how to defend themselves against an attack deliver to continue to exist and are residing one more day. And now you have to deliver them, too. Every pass is vivid and appropriate for accurate world eventualities.

  • Essentially the most entire self-defense program taught by the enviornment’s easiest tactical instructors, incorporating basically the most efficient of all his if reality be told-earned tactics and techniques

  • Shot in excessive quality definition for basically the most efficient viewing across your whole gadgets so you have to compare, trip and duplicate every pass and every action with the finest readability probably

  • Rapidly learning manner to dash your progress with every lesson broken down into straightforward-to-spend chunks for optimal learning

  • Instantaneous preparedness – compare one video series and know precisely what to raise out inner minutes thanks to Mike’s effective, straightforward instruction and highly developed confirmed practising manner

This program makes you so LETHAL… it

comes with a HEALTH WARNING

WARNING: This product can trigger SERIOUS hurt to crude guys. You


own the files to defend yourself from any longer or much less attacker. Nonetheless with vast vitality comes accountability.

These are avenue-stage, no-holds-barred tactics ragged by these in-the-know. This isn’t martial arts. You won’t take years to blueprint self-discipline alongside your technical ability. You accept the total self defense playbook in one hit and I favor a promise from you to deliver your great skills in a guilty manner.

This ISN’T for you whereas you moral own to be taught to kick somebody’s ass. This ISN’T for you whereas it is most sensible to swear off your strength. This program turns you accurate into a weapon for these that need it. Irrespective of age, ability and fitness, battle off an attacker WHEN the difficulty requires it.

Earlier than we dash on, there’s a topic – and it would also unbiased comes as a shock because…

Every different program within the marketplace

leaves you on the mercy of crude guys…

because they FAIL these TWO assessments

Failure #1:

No give consideration to working out the psychology of an attacker

80% of defending yourself against an attacker has nothing to raise out with the physical. It is psychological. Till you mark the prison mindset, you have to no longer defeat them.

You compare, it is now not a honest battle. When you occur to is also mentally underneath-ready, the attacker wins. They’re an authority. They’ve years of practising to manipulate you and coax you down a heart-broken alley or into an empty parking zone. They know how to manipulate their atmosphere.

And they depend on you no longer vivid this.

A program desires to birth with working out prison psychology. Definite, you have to additionally unbiased be taught a few vivid punches and defense tactics.

But all right here’s ineffective whereas you collapse underneath the stress of a crude guy tricking you into making a inappropriate pass.

Failure #2:

Too advanced

A majority of these guys who blow their own horns their self-defense movies and books own to accept a grip. The stage of skill desired to drag off their unprecedented moves is CRAZY for most unprecedented of us.

If your defense machine requires more than a few hours to master, you fabricate no longer own a program.

The finest tactics you are going to ever deliver are the easy ones.

They own got to work for a rare person with out prior practising, methodology or ability.

So even whereas you possess you fabricate no longer own time to be taught to battle…

You fabricate no longer own to spend years practising to

be a martial artist. Here’s what you want

to take cling of as a exchange

I’ve already spelled out for you what’s within the program. I’ve shown you the device in which others own ragged Mike’s accurate world tactics taken from accurate eventualities.

I’ve demonstrated how the program will enable you to, no topic your age, fitness or ability.

As you are going to compare, preparedness does now not mean mastery. You fabricate no longer own to spend hours practising forms and moves each day. You fabricate no longer own to master skills that compare vast, but mean nothing when it will get down and dirty.

You moral own to know what WORKS.

Produce no longer let the simplicity of Mike’s teachings fool you. This ISN’T unprecedented. These are evolved tactical moves. The motive they change into allotment of your arsenal is because Mike is your coach.

There is a motive Mike has earned the recognition of being basically the most efficient teacher of REAL LIFE self-defense. He knows the manner to originate this knowledge allotment of you. Must you raise out this as soon as, you never own to be taught it but again.

And it is ALWAYS there. Prepared for ANY relate.

Now there could be loads in this program. And I know what you would be thinking… “is no longer this going to be costly?”

Nonetheless let me ask you…

Can you ever build a imprint in your life or the safety of these you

take care of and care about?

Your security and your appreciated one’s security is useful. No quantity of cash will ever be enough to protect them. Nonetheless let’s decrease to the run… to accept entry to this more or much less practising costs money.

The tactics taught by Mike in this program own most efficient ever been on hand to company customers. United and Disney paid hundreds and hundreds of bucks to Mike for these skills. You fabricate no longer own to.

Work one-on-one with Mike – whereas you have to address it – and he charges $5000 for the day.

Otherwise you have to support one of Mike’s non-public workshops to be taught this. The six college students within the REAL LIFE Self-Defense practising every paid $1,000 to be within the room with Mike.

Nonetheless whereas it is most sensible to accept your hands on EXACTLY the same practising, you won’t own to pay $1,000 this day.

That you simply can no longer own to pay any place shut to that.

Plump disclosure right here, however I told Mike he could well price $200-300 for this program EASILY. Nonetheless he could well no longer let me twist his arm and calls for right here’s a no-brainer for unprecedented tough-working households.

To accept protect of Mike’s program, you have to no longer even pay $100… or even HALF that.

REAL LIFE Self-Defense is on hand to you this day for the measly sum of $39.

Positive, moral $39 for every thing outlined above.

Let’s build that in perspective. That’s no longer as a lot as the imprint of a few over-hyped combating books from Amazon.

That’s a tiny imprint to pay for what could well potentially save your life.

When you occur to is also questioning why we’re pricing this so low, neatly right here is the motive…

Every tough-working, laws-abiding American desires to take cling of this

Every person deserves to take cling of how to defend themselves and protect their family.

When you occur to is also one thing like me, you possess your loved ones loads. You spend your waking moments feeling a deep own to protect them stable, to protect them. It is natural.

That’s why Mike and I are in full settlement. This practising desires to accept obtainable. That’s why we’re almost giving the series away.

For moral $39, it is an investment that’s sensible for EVERYONE.

I’m mad by the vitality of Mike Gillette’s teachings and so I’m devoted to helping as many other folks buy this program as probably to fragment with their appreciated ones.

Aquire this this day and compare it with these you care about. The peace of mind that they’re ready would be the finest gift you give them… and yourself.


Bid Your Reproduction of REAL LIFE Self Defense

with FREE Bonuses Earlier than the Sever serve imprint Expires

Digital Handiest Version

Net a digital reproduction of REAL LIFE Self Defense and Bonuses on hand for instantaneous derive any place within the enviornment.

Download it to your computer, cellular or capsule tool for instantaneous enjoyment!

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Physical DVD Plus Digital

+ Free Bonuses

Net your physical reproduction of REAL LIFE Self Defense contains the DVD shipped straight to your put.

…PLUS straight derive the digital versions and bonuses fully free

$Ninety nine $39

+$7.95 S&H

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It is no longer connected what your age or size, if

you compare this series most efficient as soon as it’ll

positively exchange your life.


“If truth be told?” I hear you dispute. “After viewing it as soon as?”

Deem, I mark it sounds too glorious to be moral. Heck, I modified into as soon as skeptical after I first heard what Mike could well present you in only a few minutes I didn’t take into consideration my ears both.

Nonetheless I moral can’t mean you have to dash away this day with out attempting this for yourself. It is that major we accept this into your hands, your appreciated ones hands and in entrance of someone you in truth care about.

It’s why I own to originate this straightforward for you. Strive Mike’s program for the next 60 days and whereas you would be no longer happy this practising is life-changing, I might give you every penny serve.

That’s zero probability and your whole advantages.

I know you’re going to be overjoyed by this practising. Nonetheless if, after 60 days of attempting the program, you don’t genuinely feel safer, more ready and confident you have to address yourself in any relate, simply contact our pork up crew inner the refund duration and we’ll refund the chubby cost. No questions asked.

And whereas you’re restful on the fence right here’s why you want buy this


No-one EVER expects an attack when it


How prolonged will you probability being weak?

Scan the headlines and the unique tales for the words of other folks which would be fortunate enough to continue to exist an attack. That you simply have to compare the same feedback at any time when…

“I didn’t quiz it…”

“He got right here from nowhere…”

“I never idea it would occur to me…”

No-one ever thinks it’ll occur to them. Till it does.

Here’s the reality. It is no longer personal. Generally crude things occur to glorious of us via no fault of their have. Must you survey that, you mark why it would pay to organize yourself… moral in case.

Produce no longer wait unless day after as of late. Produce no longer wait unless subsequent week. Steal the weight out of your shoulders vivid that you have to defend yourself.

That you simply can no longer build a imprint on vivid deep in your soul that your appreciated ones are protected.

Put money into this and compare this with these you care most about… even when it’s moral as soon as. It goes to also very neatly be the finest gift you give to yourself and your appreciated ones – the peace of mind that they are empowered to quit stable and accept home.

Be awake, preparation does now not mean accepting violence. It ability releasing you and these you care about from the dread you are going to undergo on the hands of an attacker.

Let me ask you… when has lack of knowledge EVER been basically the most efficient


I’ve outlined every thing that REAL LIFE Self-Defense presents and you’ve viewed intimately how vivid this prepares you for any unexpected rotten relate.

Mike Gillette’s great manner of practising has already shown of us from all walks of life, moral comparable to you and I, the manner to:

  • Overcome your natural disaster response to acknowledge within the moral ability to any probability

  • Belief your intuition and act BEFORE the difficulty turns into advanced

  • Change into mentally robust to wrestle protect an eye on from an attacker

  • Create your physical response second nature to defend yourself and continue to exist

So that you own two decisions moral now:


Expose yourself you are going to address this “some different day” and return to your life. Hoping you never own to trip the apprehension of an attack earlier than you accept round to learning the manner to defend and continue to exist.



Clutch action, put money into REAL LIFE Self-Defense and residing aside the disaster and disaster that comes from no longer feeling comparable to what to raise out in a crude relate.

Nearly as soon as you birth the program, you are going to trip what every different REAL LIFE Self-Defense pupil experiences. That witness-opening second for these that know “yes, I’m able to raise out this!”.

As soon as you birth to master the psychology of disaster, it feels like a veil is being lifted and you birth to compare the enviornment in every other case. And your whole disaster that’s making you paranoid or disquieted of the enviornment is entirely faux. You step out each day vivid you’ve purchased this coated.

Belief the enviornment’s easiest teacher on this enviornment, Mike Gillette, to present the self-importance to address any relate.

That you simply have to additionally genuinely feel vast for these that fragment this practising with these you care about. Take into consideration how glorious it’ll genuinely feel vivid you have to additionally unbiased own helped them prepare for ANYTHING.

Inner a few weeks of discovering the program, you in truth feel a exchange advance over you. You possess with better readability and reason. And all people notices.

You protect yourself in every other case. You compare things others don’t.

You’ve learned to manipulate disaster. And that for these that desire to, you would be somebody that mustn’t be messed with.

Resolve to be THAT person moral now and act decisively. Hit the Aquire button underneath, punch in your credit card major aspects and inner minutes you’ll derive log-in major aspects so you have to protect yourself and appreciated ones.

Digital Handiest Version

Net a digital reproduction of REAL LIFE Self Defense and Bonuses on hand for instantaneous derive any place within the enviornment.

Download it to your computer, cellular or capsule tool for instantaneous enjoyment!

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Physical DVD Plus Digital

+ Free Bonuses

Net your physical reproduction of REAL LIFE Self Defense contains the DVD shipped straight to your put.

…PLUS straight derive the digital versions and bonuses fully free

$Ninety nine $39

+$7.95 S&H

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Lastly I’d like to uncover you one thing about the magnitude and scope of this product. As somebody who has noticed the self-defense files landscape for quite loads of years, I’m able to declare you that NO ONE has build out this necessary top-stage explain material on this topic….PERIOD.

It is the moral files on the moral time, delivered by the moral person, for the moral causes.

I in truth like you for taking good thing about this life-saving enviornment materials.

Discontinuance Right. Net Home.

Mike Westerdal, SPC


[email protected]

P.S. Stare the manner to organize yourself for ANYTHING with Mike Gillette’s REAL LIFE Self-Defense RISK FREE with our 60 day money serve declare.

Invest moral $39 this day and derive your whole bonuses, compare your whole movies and trip the transformation in your mind and physique. When you occur to is also no longer happy you would be no longer ready for ANYTHING we are going to give you your whole money serve. No questions asked.

Nonetheless race! REAL LIFE Self-Defense is most efficient on hand at this promotional launch imprint of $39 for a restricted time. Clutch action moral now. Be taught to defend yourself and battle serve and change into the one who all people appears to be like to be like to address any relate.

P.P.S. Is it genuinely price caring about whether you’ll freak out or freeze up whereas you’re attacked for these which own a vast gamble to repair this moral now for moral $39?

P.P.P.S. Factual possess… if a 70-one year-ancient air flight attendant who has NEVER lifted a finger in anger could well bodily overcome a younger, healthier and stronger assailant the utilization of what Mike Gillette showed her in no longer as a lot as half-hour… take into consideration what YOU could well raise out with this practising.

If truth be told feel More Prepared

After taking this self-defense class with Mike Gillette, I genuinely feel more ready to establish probably hazard and protect myself bodily. Mike teaches straightforward-to-bear in mind techniques which will even be ragged by someone. I brought my 13-one year-ancient daughter with me and she modified into as soon as winning at performing your whole skills that had been taught.

Keri Schultz Christensen

Psychological Health Therapist

Anamosa, Iowa

Decrease Apprehension & Dread

As a nature photographer, I steadily salvage myself out of doors in secluded areas earlier than morning time and after sunset. While these hours present basically the most efficient mild for pictures, it is now not the most receive time of day to be alone, and in some eventualities my solutions heart of attention more on my fears than my craft.

If truth be told, since procuring Mike Gillette’s REAL LIFE Self Defense video series my anxieties in these early morning and gradual eventualities own enormously subsided. REAL LIFE Self Defense has supplied me with the self-importance to take cling of that I’m able to protect myself.

Matthew Gehly

Greenville, PA

Delicate Lady now feels she will be able to be able to protect herself

I even own repeatedly been a genuinely passive and mild-weight person. The premise of defending myself repeatedly regarded very no longer going. Not probably because I wouldn’t know what to raise out and very no longer going because I didn’t possess I would own the flexibility to stand as a lot as an attacker. As a lady though, the even handed probably attack is repeatedly on my mind.

Since staring at Mike Gillette’s REAL LIFE Self Defense video series I genuinely feel confident that I would protect myself if the worst took place. The self-defense techniques taught are straightforward enough to own in mind underneath a time of crude stress and I know now from staring at this video series that most frequently moral inserting up a battle is sufficient to accept away.

Amanda Kohl

St. Petersburg, FL

I If truth be told feel More Attentive to My Setting

After staring at Mike Gillette’s REAL LIFE Self Defense product I genuinely feel a heightened sense of consciousness about my environment.

I realized that a crude relate can often be done with out entirely unbiased by learning to hear to my gut feelings and intuition. Despicable guys can act good however give off a crude vibe. Thinks I never noticed earlier than stand out moral ability to me now and I’m able to with out wretchedness protect remote from the total relate earlier than it goes down.

As a recording artist, I work in a form of assorted environments and it helps me to heart of attention and appreciate better after I know I’m able to belief my instincts and be ready if one thing had been to occur. I highly counsel this product to someone and it is price 100x’s the rate for obvious.


Recording Artist

Trinity, FL

Digital Handiest Version

Net a digital reproduction of REAL LIFE Self Defense and Bonuses on hand for instantaneous derive any place within the enviornment.

Download it to your computer, cellular or capsule tool for instantaneous enjoyment!

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Physical DVD Plus Digital

+ Free Bonuses

Net your physical reproduction of REAL LIFE Self Defense contains the DVD shipped straight to your put.

…PLUS straight derive the digital versions and bonuses fully free

$Ninety nine $39

+$7.95 S&H

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FAQs About REAL LIFE Self-Defense

Q: I’ve never done any self-defense or combating earlier than. Will this work for me?

A: Mike Gillette has created a program specifically designed to take ANYONE no topic age, size or ability and change into them accurate into a weapon against an attacker. Unlike martial arts and different fight sports, REAL LIFE Self-Defense doesn’t depend on spending hours and hours learning advanced, like moves. Your whole moves are straightforward, straightforward to be taught and – importantly – more vivid than a whole lot of the tactics different programs and trainers strive and educate.

Q: How does the declare work?

A: We’re so confident you’re going to just like the program, we’re obvious you’ll be overjoyed with every ingredient of it from birth to raise out. Alternatively, we mark with the amount of misinformation obtainable available within the market, you’re rightly skeptical about this which is unprecedented. That’s why we are taking your whole probability and offering a no quiz anakiwas asked, wretchedness free declare. Strive the program for 60-days and whereas you would be no longer fully happy about your option moral ship an e mail to our pleasant buyer pork up desk for an instantaneous refund.

Q: Is this appropriate to swear my younger of us?

A: One of many vast things about this program is Mike has designed it to be ragged by the total family. It’s no longer irregular for fogeys to compare this alongside with their younger of us. If truth be told, we counsel it as you’ll stumble on the manner to plot ahead for the very worst as a family. All every other time, it’s no longer sensationalist or stuffed with hype. Mike Gillette simply delivers the moral classes within the moral ability so you make a option up the moves and mark the classes as mercurial and successfully as probably.

Q: Why does now not it cost more?

A: At $39 REAL LIFE Self-Defense is an absolute seize. Every person knows that however it’s our mission at REALlifeDefense.com and alongside with Mike Gillette to raise major, life-changing programs to as many stand up of us as probably. That’s why we’re charging most efficient $39 for a restricted time to originate this practising on hand to as many other folks as probably.

Q: What format is this presented in?

A: The program is delivered as a series of on-line movies, all recorded in excessive definition. As soon as your buy has been confirmed you are going to derive log-in major aspects to the portal the build you are going to be in a plot to compare or derive the movies at your convenience to compare in your computer, phone or capsule.

Digital Handiest Version

Net a digital reproduction of REAL LIFE Self Defense and Bonuses on hand for instantaneous derive any place within the enviornment.

Download it to your computer, cellular or capsule tool for instantaneous enjoyment!

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Physical DVD Plus Digital

+ Free Bonuses

Net your physical reproduction of REAL LIFE Self Defense contains the DVD shipped straight to your put.

…PLUS straight derive the digital versions and bonuses fully free

$Ninety nine $39

+$7.95 S&H

Add To Cart

Click Here To Expose


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