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Qigong for happiness, smartly being and vitality

Qigong for happiness, smartly being and vitality
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Once The Most Jealously-Guarded, Intently-Kept Secret Of An Elite Few

…without having to mosey 1000’s of miles or exercise 1000’s of bucks

Dear Pal,

I will come up with a happier, extra healthy and longer lifestyles for these that can possibly give me precise 15 minutes a day. Please read the the relaxation of this letter for the stout tale.

This carefully-stored, jealously-guarded secret is Shaolin Qigong. Shaolin Qigong is great more straightforward to study than Tai Chi and much less strenuous than Yoga. It additionally gives the overall benefits of Meditation. And in exactly 15 minutes a day, it delivers higher happiness, smartly being, and longevity than all 3.

Qigong requires nearly zero athleticism, may possibly well also be practiced almost wherever and doesn’t require any pricey dietary supplements, tablets or exercise gizmos.

Qigong has been proven to:

  • Stabilise blood tension
  • Decrease stroke and mortality rates
  • Toughen most cancers and drug remedy
  • Toughen the symptoms of senility
  • Improves memory, insomnia, vertigo, headaches and ldl cholesterol
  • Relieves stress and increases relaxation almost care for a tender tranquilizer

What Precisely Is Shaolin Qigong and How Can It Relief You?

Shaolin Qigong is the fitting stored protect young, protect wholesome, protect overjoyed, vitality secret on this planet on the present time. It most attention-grabbing takes 10-15 minutes to apply and is the art of deliberately managing your ‘a must hold’ vitality to lend a hand you dwell a happier, extra healthy and longer lifestyles. A must hold vitality (Qi or Chi) is the lifestyles force that retains us all alive.

Shaolin Qigong practitioners are actually in conjunction with years to their lives and lifestyles to their years thru the easy, inform and atmosphere pleasant art of Qigong.

My name is Marcus Santer, I’m the author of 4 books on Qigong:

  1. Shaolin Chi Kung – 18 Exercises to lend a hand you dwell a long, extra healthy and happier lifestyles
  2. Smiling From The Heart – Qigong ways to conquer depression, be free from paralysing apprehension, kick apprehension into contact, create bullet proof self admire and carry out bigger your resistance to the stresses and strains of twenty first Century lifestyles
  3. Qigong Day to day – 365 mountainous tips to rework your Qigong and your lifestyles
  4. The PERFECT Qigong Diagram – 7 easy steps to a extra match lifestyles

I’m the founder and Chief Teacher at Qigong15, I was the Chief Teacher (for the UK) of a world Qigong and Shaolin Kung Fu institute for five years, and hold been training Qigong for 26 years.

I actually hold invested smartly over £18,000 ($28,000) and 12+ years of my lifestyles in mastering Shaolin Qigong – I’ve made the overall mistakes, entered the overall blind allies and navigated around the overall irregular characters and charlatan… so you don’t favor to! I don’t half this to galvanize you. I half it so you’ll belief me that in phrases of casting off depression, bettering smartly being, rising vitality and feeling totally alive – the exercise of Shaolin QigongI do know what I’m speaking about.

Ideally, you’d study Shaolin Qigong straight from me or yet any other suitably certified qigong teacher – but the reality is: it’s laborious to seek out precise Qigong instruction and few folks are in a situation to mosey around the field once or twice a yr, care for I did, to study from a large teacher.

That’s why I’ve created the Qigong Secrets Dwelling Peek Route.

With it you are going to stare how chances are you’ll possibly possibly:

  • Naturally feel extra energised, fresh and alert – without drinking mountainous quantities of espresso or caffeine-encumbered fizzy drinks (and protect a ways from that unsuitable ‘inch’ when the consequences build on off).
  • Toughen, protect and create your smartly being – without having to sweat within the gym three or four times per week. You’ll protect a ways from these pricey month-to-month gym expenses, Ouch! And let’s be moral, how customarily originate you esteem travelling to the gym after a laborious day’s work? There is the next manner.
  • Feel extra confident – without reading a mountain of self-improvement books. Lawful assume relating to the wonderful adjustments chances are you’ll possibly possibly carry out whenever you discontinuance preserving your self attend.
  • Acquire extra performed day after day in the direction of building the lifetime of your dreams – without sacrificing time with chums, family and family members?
  • Wake up your body’s NATURAL healing vitality – without having to study for many years from some ‘Guru’ or ‘Grasp’.

A week over the Web you are going to receive certain video tuition and written instructions that hold systematically on the week sooner than. This course has been structured in this form of manner that it’s easy to have a examine and doesn’t require any ‘quantum leaps’ on your working out.

It’s appropriate for the overall newbie who’s fresh to Shaolin Qigong and for fogeys who’ve been training Qigong for a pair of years, but who favor to deepen their working out.

Over 22 Weeks you are going to receive by the Web:

  • 214 pages of written instructions – written in bite-sized chunks for uncomplicated digestion. These are the clearest, absolute most life like-to-note instructions I’ve ever written.
  • Over 8 hours of video tuition– If an image paints a 1000 words, place confidence in how many words 8 hours of video at 25 frames (photos) per 2nd paints.
  • 5 grand bonuses – The Qigong I explain is all about getting outcomes. 2 of these bonuses are wanted instruments for your success, but very few teachers study about them and even fewer students exercise them. But these instruments – actually – can mean the distinction between your success and failure with Qigong.

    I’ve an Mp3 recording that will will let you if truth be told master no doubt one of many 3 core (read a must hold) skills of Qigong. With out these skills you’re precise doing gentle exercise.

    I’ll portray you the 6 wanted qualities you should survey in a large Qigong teacher and half 22 pages of Qigong overview that record the effectiveness of Qigong.
  • NEW! A week’s video tuition is now reduce up up into miniature bite-sized chunks as a replace of one mighty video. And each bite-sized video is now downloadable – permitting you to take the teachings with you, where ever you stride.

Total the Qigong Secrets Dwelling Peek Route and likewise you are going to stare:

  • 19 of the fitting Qigong workout routines that can possibly lend a hand you dwell a happier, extra healthy and longer lifestyles in exactly 10-15 minutes a day.
  • A grand behavior – right here is no doubt one of many most grand instruments in Qigong but every now and then ever anybody is aware of about it (Week 02).
  • The ONLY illness there is and how training the Shaolin Qigong workout routines I half can will let you overcome it and protect you from experiencing it ever once more (Week 03).
  • The PERFECT path to Qigong is a instrument I exercise with my students to lend a hand them win higher Qigong benefits, faster and more straightforward (Week 04).
  • The 4 stages of Mastery (Week 04), The 3 Requirements for fulfillment in any endeavour (Week 16), The Antidote to Danger (Week 20)…
  • A week I’ll portray you a new Qigong exercise and portray the most foremost benefits you’ll carry out from it. I’ll explain you the create first, then I’ll portray you how chances are you’ll possibly possibly add the respiratory and I’ll portray you how chances are you’ll possibly possibly apply it as Qigong, no longer precise as gentle exercise. The utilization of video tuition and plod written instructions, I carry out it as easy for you as that chances are you’ll possibly possibly assume.

…And much too many tips, skills and ways to lisp right here on this brief letter.

I actually hold developed the 22 weeks value of fabric so that you hold your working out of Shaolin Qigong in easy, structured steps. The final cloth is delivered digitally to your computer for you to peep and browse within the privateness of your predicament. And now chances are you’ll possibly possibly even rep the videos straight to your iPod, iPad, or any Mp4 enabled machine – and take the teachings with you where ever you stride.

Experience The Life-Bettering Benefits Of Shaolin Qigong For Yourself With My 2 Week -Threat Free- Trial

I’d like to come up with the opportunity to strive out the most foremost 2 weeks of my 22 week Qigong Secrets Dwelling Peek Route for precise $4.95. In the closing 18 months, over 600 folks hold efficiently completed the Qigong Secrets Dwelling Peek Route. Here’s a if truth be told miniature different of what they favor to narrate:

The Qigong Secrets Dwelling Peek Route has changed my lifestyles! No extra lengthy episodes of colds. I’m feeling extra balanced and right here is correct the starting build apart for me after ending this course. Marcus is an gorgeous teacher who’s aware of how chances are you’ll possibly possibly protect you impressed and taking a perceive forward to the following lesson.”

— Dr Khalid S, Aachen, Germany

I haven’t tried any totally different Qigong programs… I started with the BEST. Marcus is amazingly detailed in his instructions and it’s easy to uncover that he if truth be told cares about his students and his want to educate precisely and absolutely. As a particular person living in a rural dwelling, there is NO manner I’d ever be in a situation to attend formal courses and this sequence of the Dwelling Peek Route has given me a manner to study something I feel is amazingly crucial for my emotional, physical and spiritual smartly being.”

— Jae N, Texas, USA

I’d precise started studying and training Qigong when my job relocated me. I couldn’t rep a certified teacher in my dwelling. I was a miniature bit skeptical on how I may possibly well again from something I bought on-line but I need to lisp that I’m pleasantly shocked. I’m loving this scheme… I’m impressed with the detail to instruction when studying new patterns.”

— Nathan J, California, USA

Suggested Your Trial Membership This day and You’ll Moreover Receive…

Suggested your 2-week take a look at pressure of my Qigong Secrets Dwelling Peek Route on the present time and I’ll gift you the mp3 recording a chat I gave no longer too lengthy within the past called: The 7 Secrets Of Excessive Stage Qigong and likewise chances are you’ll possibly possibly win entry to it as soon as you join us.

Armed with these 7 secrets, you’ll hold files that almost all effective a pair of practitioners of Qigong will ever hold, in conjunction with:

  1. What is Qigong – A clear explanation of Qi, without which Qigong is mindless what so ever. What does Mature Chinese Medication (TCM) favor to originate with Qigong?
  2. How Does Qigong Work – What exactly does it originate, what if truth be told occurs whenever you apply Qigong and an introduction to authorized TCM principals.
  3. There may possibly be Best 1 Illness – Ogle how Qigong overcomes it and prevents it.
  4. The supreme technique to Rob Succor Your Therapeutic Energy – Why all it takes is correct 15 minutes a day, why there will not be always a pricey equipment, dietary supplements or gym expenses to pay – ever.
  5. The 3 Core Abilities of Excessive Stage Qigong – Ogle the distinction between Qigong create and Qigong, study why Qigong create is so prevalent on the present time and study of the skills wanted to apply high level qigong.
  6. The PERFECT Means To Qigong – The 7 grand steps to Qigong apply. This instrument lets you win the overall benefits of Qigong faster and more straightforward.
  7. Don’t Imagine The Hype! – I’ll uncover you who Qigong is no longer for and half with you the 3 major flaws of Qigong that no one talks about. Vivid these can build you months of wasted effort.

…and heaps of, many extra smartly guarded secrets for getting the most from Qigong.

Here’s The supreme technique to Instruct Your $4.95 Two Week Trial

The Qigong Secrets Dwelling Peek Route is no longer readily accessible at Amazon, eBay or wherever else. You may possibly well also most attention-grabbing win it right here. To urged your 2-week trial membership please click on once on the button below.

Suggested Your 2-Week Trial Now

By clicking the ‘Suggested’ button you conform to pay $4.95 to be enrolled within the 14 day trial for the Qigong Secrets Dwelling Peek Route and after the trial expires you agree that your card will most seemingly be charged $27 a month, for five months, or unless canceled

After I receive your info you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll total your win entry to to the unprecedented people dwelling. And relaxation assured, I’ll thunder you a pair of days sooner than your 2-week trial ends so chances are you’ll possibly possibly make a name whether you’re taking care of to continue or no longer. Though I’m gorgeous particular you’ll favor to.

I perceive forward to sharing the Secrets of Shaolin Qigong with you, I’d like you every success in conjunction with your apply and taking attend the vitality for your happiness, your smartly being and your smartly being.

Kindest regards

The Dwelling of Qigong Goodness

Marcus James Santer

As of June 2019: 2,118 Americans From 49 Nations Have Taken the Qigong Secrets Dwelling Peek Route Since I Created It in 2009

P.S. Shaolin Qigong is China’s 1500 yr former protect young secret. It’s more straightforward to study than Tai Chi, less strenuous than Yoga and gives higher outcomes than meditation… In impartial 15 minutes a day.

Be half of the unprecedented Qigong Secrets Dwelling Peek Route and stare how chances are you’ll possibly possibly:

  • Naturally feel extra energised, fresh and alive.
  • Toughen, protect and create your smartly being.
  • Feel extra confident.
  • Wake up your our bodies NATURAL healing vitality.

Suggested Your 2-Week Trial Now

P.P.S. Over 22 weekly Qigong lessons you’ll receive 214 pages of pdf notes, 8 hours of video tuition, 5 grand bonuses and stare:

  • 19 of the fitting Qigong workout routines.
  • The most grand instrument in Qigong that every now and then ever anybody is aware of about.
  • The most easy illness there is and how Shaolin Qigong overcomes it.
  • The Ideal path to Qigong.
  • The 4 stages of mastery.

And heaps, great extra.

P.P.P.S. The Qigong Secrets, 22 Week Dwelling Peek Route is no longer readily accessible at Amazon, eBay or wherever else. You may possibly well also most attention-grabbing win it right here. Most folks will never know that they’ll study the absolute most life like method chances are you’ll possibly be wholesome, overjoyed and total of vitality and that it’s miles no extra sophisticated than studying how chances are you’ll possibly possibly brush your enamel. Don’t fail to brand this chance, to apply no doubt one of many worlds most grand smartly being defence arts.

Suggested Your 2-Week Trial Now

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