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Free Develop not Tread on Me Flags!

Free Develop not Tread on Me Flags!
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In 1776, the year of our independence, Betsy Ross developed our iconic Broken-down Glory flag after being commissioned by our 1st President George Washington.

Twelve months EARLIER; soldier, common, and eventual Lieutenant Governor Christopher Gadsden created THIS HISTORIC possess primitive by the Continental Marines. The snake is a trace first developed by Benjamin Franklin in his Pennsylvania Gazette to checklist the customary colonies.

It basically represents the Patriotic Virtues of The united states: to Abet Individual Freedom, to End Tyranny and to Abet the Government’s Vitality in Test.

Here at Patriot Powered Products, we’re

giving freely

FREE “Develop not Tread On Me” 3x5ft Flags to someone who’s celebrating the dedication to combating tyranny, defending personal liberties and conserving executive in take a look at!

Top 5 Reasons To Get This

“DON’T TREAD ON ME FLAG” On the novel time!

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