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Etee Reusable Food Wraps, New Page, High Conv % and AOV

Etee Reusable Food Wraps, New Page, High Conv % and AOV
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Decide Your Bundle

Each bundle is designed to come by plastic off your meals for one whole twelve months

Starter Pack (1 field, 3 wraps)


90-day money relieve guarantee

Natty Pack (3 sets, 9 wraps)


90-day money relieve guarantee

Household Pack (6 sets, 18 wraps)


90-day money relieve guarantee


Fully. Here is the part, whereas you might possibly also very wisely be no longer pleased, we’re no longer pleased, so if our Chrysalis Beautypods are no longer what you question, we are going to have the chance to gladly refund 100% of the cost within 90 days.

On common, every sheet must come by about 120 – 150 uses, but it absolutely someway is reckoning on how often and how intensively and for what purpose you make employ of them. Some individuals will come by a twelve months out of them – particularly when former as bowl toppers – whereas others who beat them up on a everyday foundation can also simply come by closer to 4-6 months.

Simply warm them on your fingers and wrap them round invent, bowls, sandwiches, nuts, snacks, cheese and cooked / smoked meats – virtually any perishable. The wraps stick with themselves and provide a dapper and protective seal. They frigid and treatment nearly straight.

Shipping is free for orders over $75 (ahead of taxes) in america and Canada, and supreme $6.50 in another case! Worldwide recount shipping costs are in accordance to your field and how famous you be pleased. VAT and native global mail costs can also simply practice and are starting up air of etee’s attend watch over.

Awe no longer buddy. After employ, simply rinse in frigid water – sizzling water will slash the wax coating – and wash with an eco-friendly cleaning soap (steer walk of alcohol essentially based soaps), simply admire you might possibly well a plate or bowl. As soon as dapper you might possibly either hang to dry or employ a towel and re-employ straight. They are able to also simply – with particular meals admire pomegranate – form a darker patina, but as prolonged as you attend working them they’ll attend handing over freshness.

Pleasing quiz! All of our dyes are non toxic and freed from heavy metals, AZOs and formaldehyde stumbled on in typical textile dyes. We employ a Certified Organic cotton material. Each the dyes and the fabric produce essentially the most of very little water to be processed, of which a monumental half is recycled. They’re certified below the Worldwide Organic Textile Traditional – recognized as the sphere’s main processing typical for textiles fabricated from natural fibres – meaning they’re also in compliance with social requirements. It is probably going you’ll also be taught extra right here: http://www.world-typical.org/

30 days or much less, walk! However they’re no longer in point of fact handy for uncooked meat.

Each pack contains: Cramped Teal wrap (7″ x 8″) – precise for lower cucumbers, avocados, exiguous scamper mix, fruit and to top jars.

Medium Green wrap (10″ x 11″) – precise for cheese, monumental scamper mix, half of a sandwich, half of a cabbage, medium bowls, grape tomatoes and baked goods

Mammoth Blue wrap (12″ x 14″) – precise for sandwiches & left over pizza slices, celery, cheese, bigger bowl or dish, bigger melon, grapes, greens, beans and asparagus.

Withhold a ways flung from uncooked meats, very prolonged time length freezer employ (bigger than a month) and microwaves (except you admire to must add a little beeswax soup to your bowl of zoodles).

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