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World Notorious Bearded Dragon Expert Says…

Are You One of Them?

Right here Are Some Telltale, Warning Indicators:

You would hold a serious drawl in case your bearded dragon is:

  • No longer eating at all, or eating very minute
  • Shedding very minute pores and skin
  • No longer though-provoking about, slow

  • Has worry ingesting water

  • Having a eye skinny or malnourished

  • Has challenge opening its eyes

  • Keeps scratching or attacking its cage

  • Sound asleep all day in deserve to being alert

  • No longer pooping regularly, or sudden change in poop texture

  • Aggressive and bites at one thing else (esteem your finger)

  • Has worry breathing

  • Always burrowing away

  • Has chipped or broken nails

  • No longer its regular coloration

  • Choking on its meals & having appreciable challenge swallowing

  • Frantic when held

From the desk of Chris Johnson

Date : Wednesday, March 6, 2024

RE: An Pressing Message To All Bearded Dragon Fans!

Pricey Bearded Dragon Lover,

Did you in deciding a bearded dragon over a cat or a canine, pondering it’d be more straightforward to address?

Are you aspiring to amass a bearded dragon because it appears to be esteem an simple pet to grab care off?

Wager what…

You Can’t Be Further From The Reality!

I’ll be the first to confess that I esteem these bearded dragons, or beardies as I esteem to call them. I in actual fact hold saved and bred them for over 10 years, which makes me undoubtedly one of basically the most recognised authorities by strategy of those minute reptiles.

But sadly, most of us don’t hold the identical stage of data as experts. They aquire a bearded dragon from their native pet retailer and demand it to be as simple to address as a guppy or terrapin. And they find yourself making each and every form of frightful errors that can presumably severely harm the smartly-being of their beloved bearded dragons!

To impress why bearded dragons need such special consideration and care, it’s significant to dangle where they come from. All the enviornment’s bearded dragons nowadays originated from the wild, outback regions of Australia… which technique…

Bearded Dragons Are Actually
Desolate tract Animals!

It’s true no longer so simple as throwing them in a cage with some meals!

Now accept as true with plucking a bearded dragon from its pure habitat in a dry barren self-discipline, where temperatures can sore smartly over 90 degrees in the day and drop to under 45 degrees at evening… and striking them…

Except you live in the barren self-discipline, I doubt your garden has the identical roughly prerequisites… which technique you’ve to “artificially do” an setting that is reminiscent of a beardie’s pure habitat.

Right here’s where the total concerns are available in. Most of us don’t know the loyal solution to accomplish that… and do not know of the prices alive to! Attributable to the tools you’ve to position up to “mimic” its pure habitat… rearing a bearded dragon could presumably even be an opulent hobby!

Happily, over my 10 years of rearing these bearded dragons, I in actual fact hold labored out a series of shortcuts and tricks possibilities are you’ll presumably exercise in negate to do yourself some serious money… nonetheless quiet present your bearded dragon with a high-payment, cosy setting!

You know, possibilities are you’ll presumably read limitless Cyber web websites or search the advice of with a dozen forums about bearded dragons and quiet don’t know how most productive to esteem them… because most of us writing these websites (or visiting the forums) are true as clueless about what to do!

It’s esteem the blind main the blind!

Why learn from learners need to possibilities are you’ll presumably hold the coolest thing about picking the brain of a seasoned, bearded dragon owner and breeder… someone who undoubtedly does it for a living?

Why fear about doing issues magnificent… need to possibilities are you’ll presumably as soon as-and-for-all, know the true ways to esteem your bearded dragon?

Introducing my…

“Bearded Dragon

Secret Guide”

… The Guide Pet Shop

Homeowners & Breeders

Don’t Need YOU To

Know About!

I’m serious after I articulate pet shop homeowners and professional breeders don’t desire you to dangle about my secret manual. That’s because after finding out what I in actual fact deserve to claim about caring for bearded dragons…



deserve to pay stout stamp for bearded dragon pet meals.

You NEVER deserve to pay stout stamp for bearded dragon tools, reminiscent of cages & enclosures, linings and substrates (I expose you the loyal solution to fetch these yourself for a few dollars the usage of recurrently on hand family items.)

You NEVER deserve to pay stout stamp for owning a bearded dragon (I expose you where to fetch a healthy one for a tall prick value… or even for FREE!)

You know, after I first took my draft manuscript of this manual and tried to fetch pet shop homeowners to sell them of their stores…

All Of Them Came Up With Some Lousy Excuse

About It Being “Too Grand” For Pet Homeowners To Tackle!

That’s why I decided to fetch this records straight to you over the Cyber web… by presenting it in a obtain that will also be straight downloaded by you. This technique need to you’re pondering of owning a bearded dragon, or need to you already personal a bearded dragon… possibilities are you’ll presumably hasty take a look at to impress need to you’re doing the magnificent thing.

“I Private 2 Bearded Dragons…

Your Guide Taught Me Issues I Didn’t Know!”

I am the proud owner of 2 cosy, healthy bearded dragons who impress undoubtedly adorable! I believed I was doing a tall job caring for them, nonetheless finding out your e book made me realise so a complete lot of the errors I was making… and taught me a few solutions to do money esteem __________ and ________! I am going to indicate this e book to my vet next week!

— Susan Turner, TX

“I’m Chuffed I Learn Your Guide

Sooner than Proudly owning A Bearded Dragon!”

While researching on the Cyber web for bearded dragons, I got here across your e book and thought “Why no longer?” I’m so cosy I purchased it. Following your advice, I managed to protect faraway from getting cheated by the first 2 pet retail outlets I went to… who were looking out to sell me some sickly bearded dragons. I in the extinguish received them with out cost from _________, following your steps! Thanks!

— Anthony Smith, Vancouver BC

“My Pet Shop Is Pissed!”

Following the steps you outlined, I went into my native pet shop and identified to them the concerns with their bearded dragons. You ought to hold considered the impress on the owner’s face… and the person that ALMOST bought a bearded dragon used to be so thankful. I purchased one from yet every other location, and it’s taking part in its contemporary dwelling. Thanks Chris!

— Brian Rogers, Ohio

Listed below are a few of the issues I duvet in my manual true about picking bearded dragons to permit you to fetch basically the most attention-grabbing decision:

  • The 2 major kinds of bearded dragons… and which one you SHOULD resolve for more straightforward care (Most of us that don’t know greater resolve the different species for the disagreeable motive!)
  • 7 solutions to call for definite whether or no longer your bearded dragon is male or feminine (Some pet shop attendants even fetch this disagreeable, main to unexpected concerns later.)
  • 6 inquiries to ask to settle need to you’re ready to personal a bearded dragon (It’s no longer true about the money, nonetheless yet every other drawl that will bleed you dry need to you don’t hold in thoughts it.)
  • 3 issues to impress out for on the pet shop you’re going to amass your bearded dragon.
  • 1 motive you ought to NEVER aquire a bearded dragon from a pet shop that reveals this “signal”… no subject how vital your heart tells you to! (You’ll be throwing your money down the drain.)
  • 4 different, minute-identified sources besides your native pet retailer where that possibilities are you’ll even fetch your bearded dragons from (in total at a more affordable stamp and in even greater situation… need to you perceive where to impress)
  • 2 sources where possibilities are you’ll presumably potentially fetch your bearded dragon with out cost.
  • Whether or no longer you ought to fetch a minute bit one, or an grownup bearded dragon.
  • The hazard of getting a minute bit one bearded dragon… and tips on how to conquer this drawl by merely doing a minute bit dimension
  • name the age of a bearded dragon esteem an educated true by its length
  • Whether or no longer you ought to fetch a male, or a feminine bearded dragon (This decision could presumably hold an tag on how you esteem it later on)
  • Whether or no longer you ought to fetch greater than one bearded dragon
  • 9 signs of a healthy, rising bearded dragon (Never aquire a bearded dragon who does now not meet ALL of those 9 significant signs!)
  • shriek in 5 minutes whether or no longer a bearded dragon is unhealthy (Ticket: In the event you eye any individual of those 9 telltale signs… stay faraway from the bearded dragon!)
  • One deadly mistake most contemporary pet homeowners fetch, when bringing their bearded dragons dwelling for the first time (resulting of their loss of life!)
  • What you ought to indubitably do throughout the first week of owning your bearded dragon (The respond could presumably shock you.)
  • How you ought to impress at your bearded dragon throughout its 1st week on your location (Ignoring this could presumably indicate a undoubtedly stressful relationship later on…)
  • A checklist of 17 items you ought to put collectively forward of buying a bearded dragon (Don’t fetch the error of frantically buying for this stuff AFTER buying your bearded dragon!)

After picking the magnificent bearded dragon. You could be able to deserve to dangle the loyal solution to keep in touch with them. Since beardies can’t keep in touch, they depend on a complex position of physique language to keep in touch their feelings and intentions.

Studying the loyal solution to impress your bearded dragon’s physique language is needed in making sure that you just are giving them what they wish!

“Your Secret Guide Nailed It For Me…”

Chris, true a short expose to permit you to dangle how cosy I am along with your Bearded Dragon secret manual. I purchased it final week, half observing for to search out records I already know as an owner. But on Web page 36 you undoubtedly nailed the difficulty I was having with clipping the nails of my bearded dragon! My beardie enjoys his nail cropping now. Thanks!

—  Fred Morgan, IL

“I Received’t Pay Plump Label All over again…”

Shimmering how vital pet retail outlets are ripping us off for industrial pet meals, I wouldn’t pay stout stamp for them all over again. No longer handiest is my beardie eating smartly and looking out greater than ever, your “tricks” are saving me a form of cash and time on caring for them. I am pondering of adding yet every other one to our sequence soon.

— Terence Picket

  • What’s the first signal you MUST recognise out of your bearded dragon and what it conveys
  • precisely shriek what your bearded dragon’s mood is by learning the loyal solution to read its “beard” (The beard conveys a enormous differ of feelings.)
  • What your bearded dragon technique when its mouth is continuously gaping
  • shriek if a bearded dragon is providing a “pleasant greeting” or is being aggressive, by the usage of these 2 level data
  • What a bearded dragon does when it’s queer
  • read the bearded dragon’s eye actions esteem a professional (These are 2 sure eye actions you’ve to learn to recognise…)
  • What the bearded dragon is making an strive to do when it flattens itself even additional
  • How to impress at a bearded dragon’s tail route to settle its relationship with different animals or beardies
  • Why bearded dragons wave their arm, and what it signals
  • 5 physique language experiments you ought to do along with your bearded dragon, to obtain up a “psychological database” that precisely maps its feelings with what it does

“My 12 Year Outdated skool Loves His Beardie!”

My 12 year primitive son wished a beardie badly for his birthday, nonetheless we were regularly skittish he wouldn’t be ready to protect it smartly. So we made him read your data forward of agreeing to amass one for him. What vastly a good deal surprised us used to be… he is now following your steps, and caring for it esteem a professional. Even our neighbor is vastly a good deal surprised at how vital he knows… We haven’t urged them although!

— Susan Hodge

“You Shown Me How To Compose It Better…”

I in actual fact hold bred bearded dragons for nearly half of my life, so I believed I was the loyal educated. Reading your data taught me the loyal solution to do it even faster, and better… in particular your fragment about getting 2 beardies to fetch mates.

— Mike Howard

I also talk about the loyal solution to position up an enclosure to protect your bearded dragon. Consider what we mentioned earlier about rising an “synthetic setting” that mimics the pure dwelling of your bearded dragon?


  • 2 solutions to do money when buying any tools for your bearded dragon (Never pay stout retail stamp all over again after you perceive this secret!)
  • precisely settle the scale of your bearded dragon’s enclosure or cage with out any guesswork
  • A low-fee trick possibilities are you’ll presumably exercise to fetch your loved one bearded dragon undoubtedly feel get and get… (It takes true 5 minutes and costs nothing… the usage of provides you’ve at dwelling, yet most bearded dragon homeowners don’t do it!)
  • maintain your personal cage, and 1 thing you ought to indubitably hold in thoughts when constructing your personal cage (Most of us neglect this and are available to feel sorry about later!)
  • The set up to location your bearded dragon’s cage at dwelling and 1 deadly location most of us location it at unknowingly
  • Why it’s significant for your bearded dragon to obtain the magnificent quantity of heat
  • The magnificent quantity of heat to present to your bearded dragon and 4 solutions possibilities are you’ll presumably accomplish that with out buying any of those expensive tools
  • shriek in case your bearded dragon is tormented by excess heat
  • How educated breeders esteem myself position up the enclosure to forestall overheating (Most bearded dragon homeowners don’t do that additional step… inadvertently killing their beloved pets!)
  • What roughly thermometer you need to fetch to visual show unit the temperature of the enclosure (Ticket – It’s basically the most fee-efficient kind with this particular feature!)
  • How you ought to NEVER position up the heating tools on your beardie’s cage (Good final week, I saw this mistake being made on video by a supposed “educated” in bearded dragons…)
  • Why it’s significant that your bearded dragon receives ample UVB rays
  • Why you ought to never exercise any fluorescent bulb lying round your location to present your bearded dragon with light… and the loyal roughly light bulb you ought to exercise
  • One surprising fact about fluorescent light bulbs and need to you ought to change them… (Most bearded dragon homeowners don’t learn about this, and find yourself depriving their beardies of sunshine!)
  • The narrative about adjusting the sunshine lessons to adjust to altering of the seasons (Shimmering this could presumably do you hundreds time and energy…)
  • Essentially the most productive substrate I exercise to line the bottoms of my cage (It’s cheap, convenient and non-toxic.)
  • 3 forms of substrate you ought to NEVER exercise in the cage of your bearded dragons (If ingested, these could presumably trigger instantaneous loss of life.)
  • A excessive-tech substrate possibilities are you’ll presumably exercise for the cage that is minute-identified, and is fully in actual fact helpful for your bearded dragon
  • The magnificent decorations you ought to location in the cage
  • How to with out drawl give a snatch to the psychological health and agility of your bearded dragon, by including this roughly “decoration” of their cage (It prices almost nothing to obtain.)
  • 46 forms of deadly flowers you ought to NEVER build aside in the enclosure of your bearded dragon (Warning – These are no longer habitual flowers… nonetheless very COMMON family flowers chanced on in most homes! Get definite none of those come into contact along with your beardie.)
  • The real fact about keeping your bearded dragon originate air, and the prerequisites that ought to be fulfilled to accomplish that (Most homeowners true personal their bearded dragon originate air because they wrongly mediate it’s more convenient and better for the bearded dragon!)
  • prevent a bearded dragon from escaping when setting up an originate air enclosure

Besides shiny the loyal solution to obtain a loyal enclosure, undoubtedly one of many traits that separate an educated from an amateur is how he “handles” his bearded dragons. Expert homeowners are regularly at ease when facing their bearded dragons… because they impress what NOT to do when facing them!

“My Beardie Has Change into Such Stress-free Overnight!”

Previously my beardie would trudge from me every time I attempted to determine it up from its cage. Now the usage of your strategy of tricking it… my beardie has become such relaxing to address and so obedient in a single day. Finally, moreover it’s miles eating and resting smartly. Nothing makes an owner happier!

— Matthew Lee

  • 13 do’s and don’ts when facing your bearded dragon (These are crucial ground tips for ANY bearded dragon owner.)
  • Why you ought to never snatch your bearded dragon from above or kiss it, no subject how beautiful it appears
  • How you ought to lift your bearded dragon in the palm of your hand (Ignore this and also you chance injuring your bearded dragon.)
  • How children desires to be supervised to address bearded dragons
  • address a bearded dragon who is making an strive to trudge away, nonetheless “tricking” them with this ways the pros uses
  • One location you ought to NEVER build aside your bearded dragon at, no subject how beautiful it appears
  • One mistake homeowners fetch when facing bearded dragons, resulting of their pets being almost no longer likely to address! (Learn this and also you’ll address your bearded dragon esteem an educated.)
  • The loyal steps to with out drawl stunning the nails of your bearded dragon, with out any resistance or fight
  • What you ought to do need to you unintentionally worry your bearded dragon whereas trimming its nails
  • The secret additional step to trimming your bearded dragon’s nails, to fetch definite a relaxed bearded dragon in deserve to an agitated one
  • The surprising truth about obesity for bearded dragons
  • How to “trick” bearded dragons to exercise the usage of this procedure historical by zoos
  • Any other technique to fetch your bearded dragon to switch round by constructing an merchandise that prices less than $5 out of your native hardware retailer
  • Why you ought to NEVER originate your bearded dragon on your condominium (Nearly about all of the bearded dragon homeowners I know fetch this mistake… striking their personal lives in hazard!)
  • What you’ve to do need to you’d like to originate your bearded dragon from its cage
  • The loyal solution you ought to exercise to scrub down the cages and enclosures of your bearded dragon to forestall germs or bacteria (Don’t be tricked into buying expensive soap from pet stores… This works the MOST effectively and is chanced on in honest about all households!)
  • The magnificent technique to smartly-organized the cage of your bearded dragon to be definite that that no ingredients are overlooked out (I expose you the ability drawl areas that pet homeowners miss… potentially main to illnesses later on.)
  • position up a litter field for your bearded dragon
  • Why your bearded dragon is just not any longer the usage of its litter field (and tips on how to resolve the difficulty)
  • give your bearded dragon a loyal bathtub and scrub
  • What’s the true temperature for the “bathtub water” of your bearded dragon and what soap to exercise when cleaning it
  • The surprising truth about most veterinarians (vets) and why they’re no longer appropriate for your bearded dragon
  • resolve a vet who specialises in caring for bearded dragons and 9 questions to ask any vet forward of hiring him / her
  • protect faraway from inflicting undue stress to your bearded dragons
  • One thing your bearded dragon need to never eye or come into contact with (be definite that you just don’t desire this merchandise anyplace reach its cage)

Weight reduction program is an crucial fragment of a bearded dragon’s life. A smartly-fed dragon can grow up to an traipse a week. Sadly, too many pet homeowners I in actual fact hold stumble upon are no longer feeding their beardies the magnificent meals for their boost… or are spending too vital needless money on pet meals.

“You Saved Me An Pricey Day out To The Vet!”

My bearded dragon, we call him Jasper, used to be no longer eating smartly… I was on the verge of sending him to the vet, which would indicate a few hundred bucks out on the least. As a final ditch strive I purchased your e book, and in a few days Jasper used to be eating typically all over again! Thanks so vital, I wouldn’t hold identified what to do!

— Kenneth Roberts, Queensland Australia

“Your Checklists Are A God Despatched!”

Chris… the checklists you integrated along with your e book are a god despatched for ANY bearded dragon owner. I was riding myself crazy and so anxious about my pet beardie… regularly being concerned about whether or no longer she had ample to luxuriate in… regularly fretting over her… Your checklist build aside an end to that. No less than now I know I’m doing the magnificent issues.

— Elizabeth Sanders, Orlando Florida

  • What to do in case your bearded dragon refuses to drink water, and the loyal solution to fetch it to drink water “naturally”
  • One roughly “junk meals” you ought to stay faraway from giving your bearded dragon until it’s ill or ill… even though it could perchance presumably appear that your bearded dragon is taking part in it!
  • 42 forms of greens which would be get for your bearded dragon, and provides it with the MOST nutritional fee
  • Why you desires to be very careful when catching live bugs out of your yard for your bearded dragon
  • “gut load” the bugs you are feeding your bearded dragon
  • How to do money the usage of this draw, in deserve to buying live bugs for your bearded dragon (The exercise of this procedure, possibilities are you’ll presumably even fetch a minute profit!)
  • One golden rule you ought to exercise to settle if a portion of meals is too huge for your bearded dragon (Most bearded dragon homeowners feed their pets meals which would be too tall for it to address… This rule need to regularly be historical!)
  • 5 kinds of deadly bugs which need to never be given to your bearded dragon
  • The real fact about industrial pet meals and why most skilled beardie homeowners will NOT feed their bearded dragons ONLY pet meals, even supposing it claims to be “nutritionally complete”
  • What you ought to do forward of feeding your bearded dragon with ready industrial meals even supposing it technique ignoring the packaging… (Right here’s significant to your bearded dragon’s smartly-being.)
  • take care of a bearded dragon that is a picky, fussy eater the usage of this trick
  • Nutrition supplements and the draw in which you ought to resolve the magnificent one for your bearded dragon
  • One solution to fetch definite that your bearded dragon consumes its supply of nutritional vitamins
  • What to feed your bearded dragon if it loses its coloration or does now not impress as stunning as forward of

In the event you’ve read till here, you perceive true how vital helpful records I shriek to permit you to esteem the person that you just esteem bearded dragon. Heck, your vet could presumably now not even know half as vital… simply because he is just not any longer undoubtedly honest loyal in caring for bearded dragons!

In my secret manual, I also duvet a few of the more developed matters when facing bearded dragons, reminiscent of:

How To Breed Them Like A First payment Breeder Would!

Finally, breeding your personal bearded dragon requires additional records, nonetheless it could perchance presumably even be an especially rewarding job… need to you perceive the loyal solution to do it magnificent!

I in actual fact hold deepest skills in breeding my very personal bearded dragons, and educate you all the pieces you’ve to dangle about this field.


  • What you ought to grab into consideration forward of deciding whether or no longer or no longer to breed your personal bearded dragons (Doing this could presumably do you from months of worry later on.)
  • shriek in case your bearded dragon is approaching near sexual maturity
  • exercise the magnificent field cloth to obtain a nesting field for your feminine bearded dragon
  • A secret technique possibilities are you’ll presumably exercise to electrify your feminine bearded dragon to exercise your nesting field as her nesting location
  • The loyal mixture of female and male bearded dragons you ought to construct aside in one enclosure to forestall aggressive conduct, and inspire breeding
  • The breeding seasons for bearded dragons in Australia & the leisure of the enviornment
  • Why you ought to stay faraway from placing one male and one feminine bearded dragon in the identical enclosure
  • fetch your bearded dragons mindful of each and every other the usage of this special technique (By following my draw, your bearded dragons will “become mates” and be ready to mate in no time.)
  • What to feed your male bearded dragon throughout its breeding season to fetch definite he stays in “high obtain”
  • snatch care of your feminine bearded dragon when it’s gestating, and the weight reduction program it could perchance presumably hold
  • The adaptation between conventional fowl eggs and reptile eggs (Perceive this distinction and also you’ll know the loyal solution to address the eggs of your bearded dragon when they’re laid.)
  • How to do money constructing your personal incubator for your bearded dragons… in deserve to buying industrial incubators costing hundreds of bucks!
  • snatch care of the hatchlings after they’ve true hatched from their eggs (Warning – Hatchlings are extraordinarily soft to their surroundings and will die if no longer handled smartly.)

You Can’t Gain This Similar Series Of “Tricks”

In different areas… Except You In my notion Know A Bearded Dragon Expert!

All the pointers, tricks and ways in which I write about in my Bearded Dragon Secret Guide are no longer true in accordance to thought. They’re in accordance to over a decade of skills as a bearded dragon owner and professional breeder.

Right here’s what I do for a living, so I in actual fact know what I’m speaking about.

Would you rather hold a at hand data that displays you exactly what to do in each and every drawl… or would you live day after day in fear, wondering whether or no longer you are doing the magnificent thing for your bearded dragon?

My secret manual is specially written for the dwelling bearded dragon owner, so it’s 100% helpful and doesn’t alive to any subtle tools or records.

To fetch it even more straightforward for you, I’m going to throw in the next bonuses to fetch caring for your bearded dragon some distance more lovely:

1. Special Portray: Top 50 Questions & Solutions Every Bearded Dragon Owner MUST Know… ($27 Label)

Thru my work with a complete bunch of bearded dragon homeowners over time, I’ve chanced on that every undoubtedly one of them hold some very identical questions on the loyal solution to esteem their bearded dragon. In the event you sat down and consulted with me one to 1, these are also the likely questions you hold.

That’s why I compiled all of the hardest and most “no longer easy” concerns beardie homeowners will ask about their pets… and supply my stout solutions to them!

Don’t fear, because I’m no longer your vet (looking out to fetch money from expensive remedies or medicines)… or the pet shop that is looking out to sell you a bearded dragon, I will come up with the money for to supply you with the honest respond to those questions…

  • Is it imaginable to play with my bearded dragon too vital? Will it be rotten?
  • Why does my bearded dragon shake his legs?
  • Why do my bearded dragon’s legs appear to be panicked?
  • Why does my bearded dragon end eating with out discover?

These are no longer easy questions that stump many bearded dragon homeowners. But you fetch all of my first-hand solutions on this special describe.

2. Bearded Dragon On daily basis Feeding Guide (Price $19)

Ever wondered what meals to feed your bearded dragon such that it gets a complete weight reduction program and stays radiantly healthy?

I created this data for my very personal usage, which displays the

loyal share

of each and every style of meals you’ve to feed your grownup, minute one or hatchling bearded dragon. I also expose the diversities between the weight reduction program composition of an grownup and minute one beardie.

Print out a duplicate of this data (no longer on hand anyplace else) and paste it on your kitchen wall… so possibilities are you’ll presumably know true the loyal parts of meals to feed your bearded dragon.

Having this data solves the difficulty of overfeeding your bearded dragon with expensive pet meals or bugs, and fetch definite that your beardie gets true what it wants… a need to-hold for any owner!

3. Bearded Dragon Useful Disease Busting Guide (Price $37)

Right here’s yet every other helpful resource that is price gold to beardie homeowners.

I compiled this at hand data and quiet exercise it myself.

Right here’s a at hand chart (that you just ought to personal with you) of basically the most frequent concerns facing bearded dragons, reminiscent of:

  • Bloating
  • Bumps / lumps
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of hotfoot for meals
  • Twitching
  • Vomiting

… And a record of their imaginable causes. I also encompass the trigger of action you ought to grab to troubleshoot the difficulty.

Right here’s one thing to expose – No longer each and every drawl requires a search the advice of with to the vet… So in deserve to dashing your bearded dragon to the vet the next time, take a look at out his situation against this data first. It need to very smartly do your bearded dragon’s life… and money!

4. Bearded Dragon Magic Care Checklist (Price $37)

I call this my “magic care” checklist because it makes caring for your bearded dragon esteem a portion of cake! With out a doubt one thing which you’d like to print out and paste on the wall beside your beardie’s cage.

In the event you hold ever felt harassed over caring for your bearded dragon, this checklist provides you at hand reminders so you received’t omit the minor minute print.

It entails:

  • A every day record of issues you’ve to do for your bearded dragon
  • A weekly record (and the total special tests / precautionary measures)
  • A monthly record
  • A semi-annual and annual record of issues which you ought to do

No more scribbling on items of paper or looking out to tag out dates on your calendar… Good tick on this checklist as you dart along!

How Grand Is All This Price To You?

Defend shut into consideration this – The typical lifespan of a healthy bearded dragon is 10 years. In the event you already personal one or snatch into consideration owning one… you’ll deserve to spend the next 10 years of your life with it.

At some stage in those 10 years, you’ve to present your beardie with a cosy dwelling as a in fee pet owner. But everyone knows that it doesn’t come simple… or low-fee. Good buying and equipping a cage alone can potentially fee a complete bunch of bucks.

Query yourself, how vital are you going to spend on…

  • Enclosure and cages for your bearded dragon
  • Gives reminiscent of toys, perching rocks, heaters
  • Incubators need to you propose to breed bearded dragons
  • Food for your bearded dragon (Are living bugs could presumably even be expensive)
  • And more…

Pointless to claim, this could presumably no longer be low-fee. But what if the usage of my solutions, possibilities are you’ll presumably do a complete lot of cash on enclosures, cages, provides and meals by learning where educated breeders esteem myself supply for them?

How vital will having this records alone do you?

How vital will true facing and care of your bearded dragon do you in vet prices (which is ready to trudge into a complete bunch of bucks per search the advice of with) or heartache when your loved one bearded dragon dies?

That’s why I’m on a mission to serve as many bearded dragon homeowners as imaginable. You would also obtain my complete “Bearded Dragon Secret Guide” for handiest $19 and browse it straight on a PC or MAC. You would also even print it out and consult with it anytime you esteem.

That’s magnificent. For less than the fee of 1 month’s price of provides and pet meals, possibilities are you’ll presumably personal a duplicate of my manual that will do you from worry, frustration, fear… and that feeling of no longer shiny what to do.

Don’t you suspect it’s price it?

How Grand Is All This Price To You?

It is my belief that each and every bearded dragon owner desires to fetch his hands on this e book because this field cloth can vastly give a snatch to the quality of life of your bearded dragon.

The truth is, I am so definite you’ve the relieve of the field cloth I fraction on this data that I’m though-provoking to supply you with a stout 60 days to investigate cross-take a look at my solutions. Learn my Bearded Dragon Secret Guide for a stout 60 days and are attempting my “secret” ways yourself on your personal bearded dragon. In the event you are no longer cosy that my ways work and will also allow you to be a greater bearded dragon owner… even need to you’re no longer pleased with the font I historical… true let me know and I’ll refund each and each cent you paid.

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