What Career Can You Have With A Felony

Previously Viewed. clear. What profession can you have with a felony? Unanswered Questions. Having a felony on your criminal record would not prevent you from completing a PhD in psychology and pursuing the profession.

Rasim Ahmetovic is talking about george raymond hagan Jr. He was arraigned in Bowling Green on felony theft charges …

Omaha‚Äôs firefighters union wanted Mayor Jean Stothert charged with felony witness tampering over comments she made to a …

Legal Insurance Worth It Getting into a car accident can be a very traumatic experience, but worse so, it can be more costly than you think if you do not have legal expenses insurance. Many people think, as long as they have … What Makes You A Convicted Felon Despite what you think, having a felony conviction does not

Discover several jobs for felons in career areas that are worth pursuing right now. Learn how to make yourself appealing to companies that hire felons. Read about second-chance programs for ex-convicts that can help you get hired, and see how it's really possible to find colleges that accept felons!

Can I ever become an emt. Can I ever get my own apartment? What about school So, in 2010, I was convicted of grand larceny, I stole a check for 7,000. I was doing it sometimes because I did have other bills. But they got switched to another judge,he judge sentenced me for 9 months in jail in 2014.

First of all it depends on the type of felony, and the type of degree u have. Some potential employers will give u a chance if u explain the situation, and Well I am an ex-con (been to prison 6 times) and I have a college degree, I turned my life around almost 7 years ago when I got clean and sober.

Top 10 Careers for FelonsNORTH LIBERTY, Iowa (KCRG) – Low unemployment might be causing some businesses to give ex-offenders more opportunities in the …

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